We at Woodbridge Classic Cars are proud of our craftsmanship. We offer a bespoke and complete classic car service, covering all aspects of classic car motoring. As enthusiasts ourselves, we recognise the pride that you take in your vehicle, and all of our completed works reflect this. The same level of care and attention to detail is given to each vehicle and every job, irrespective of the size or perceivable value.

We have a vibrant range of classic cars available for commission or sale, and offer a 'finding' service if you require a particular make, model and year.



A shared passion for Classic Cars.

It has long been our bespoke restoration projects that have set us apart. Each car is considered a work of art in its creation, with a great emphasis placed on involving you in realising your dream. Our cars are so much more than the sum of their parts, and we pride ourselves on working to the highest standards available. Particular attention is given to the shut-lines, panel gaps and finish to the car, with each component receiving the care and precision engineering so often missing when they left the factory line. We have vast experience in producing some of the finest cars available, from Mini’s and the Triumph TR range to exotica such as the Ferrari and Dino models seen throughout this website, Rolls Royce and Bentley models and an array of Porsches. We have long been respected specialists in the classic Mini range, so please see our dedicated website at




We are fortunate to be able to offer a comprehensive engine service. From championship winning oval track competition engines to reconditioned engines sympathetic to originality, a range of supercharging and turbo charging options, we have all bases covered here at Woodbridge Classic Cars.

Winning competition engines.

Historic Race Preparations

At Woodbridge Classic Cars, we also have in our repertoire a great deal of experience in historic race and rally preparation. We have built a number of successful cars, including a high-spec Triumph TR4, and a number of competition classic Mini variants to 'Appendix K' specification. We would be pleased to discuss your requirements, from the mild to the wild.

Maintenance and Servicing

Vintage, classic and sports cars require specialist attention, careful handling and a certain feel that only experience in the field can bring. We offer a service from routine maintenance, repairs and preservation work to the supply and fitment of replacement drive train units and components.

Engine Servicing




We have a great many vehicles in our ever changing stock. We also offer a brokerage service, and have accrued a great many contacts over the years, to enable us to source your fantasy vehicle, however outlandish or homely it may be. If the time comes for you to part with your classic car, we are also able to find a suitable home for it. Please see our section for a list of the cars we have available, at


Valuations and Inspections

We offer a valuation and inspection service, useful when obtaining an agreed valuation service with an insurance company. Classic cars can be wonderful enhancements to your life, but care must be taken to avoid the purchase of what is colloquially known as a ‘lemon’. So before you take the plunge, be sure to call upon us to inspect your car and issue a report and judgement.

Vehicle Inspection

The services we offer are not limited to those listed here, and the range is not exhaustive. So please contact us with any specific requirements you have.

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